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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - 11:21 PM GMT+7
We are now releasing 4 new 54-mm scale figure kits, all American Civil War. Kits are now available, making their debut at the MFCA show in Valley Forge, PA this weekend.
The first kit is sculpted by Joe Hudson, entitled "Blockade Runner, American Civil War, 1862", and cast in 54-mm scale resin (box art forthcoming). Kit includes figure and ship base.

There are also the final 3 releases of our Confederate infantry series (wearing longer frock coats). All are in charging positions. Kits are sculpted by St. Petersburg, Russia artisans who wish to remain unanimous, and box art done by George Nieto. Cast in 54 mm scale pewter, and each includes scenic base.

Figures represents 1st Texas Brigade (1862) and carry an 1841 Mississippi musket.


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