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Monday, June 19, 2006 - 03:50 PM UTC
Historicus Forma member Joe Hudson has sculpted the rather unusual subject of a mid-19th century civilian, "Blockade Runner of the American Civil War (1862)".
The 54mm scale resin figure is cast standing aboard the ship deck (included) holding telescope.

Joe has also done an outstanding job painting the box art. The product number is 54035 and available now.

Brief history: Over 1,300 attempts by more than three hundred steamers were made to run the blockades during the American Civil War. Many of these were normal merchant vessels, but an ever-increasing number were purpose-built, with low silhouettes, light draft, and high speed. Our figure represents one of these brave runners, defying the Union blockade, standing on the deck of his ship, holding a telescope.

For more information on these and other products visit Military Miniatures Warehouse.

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Joe did a great job sculpting this one. I'd love to paint one of these, perhaps in a version of Confederate grey?
JUN 19, 2006 - 06:32 PM
While you could certainly paint this fellow in a gray suit, Dave, he's in civilian clothing, not a uniform. Enlisted men's uniforms, north and south, typically buttoned to the collar. Officers uniforms were more formal and usually had Austrian knots, colloquially referred to a as "chicken guts," on the sleeves to denote rank. The hat, too, would not be one expected of an officer, though an enlisted man might wear this, especially in the Conferderatye ranks where unoforms were less and less uniform as the war progressed.
JUN 20, 2006 - 12:07 AM
Advice taken AJ - still like to paint one though!!
JUN 20, 2006 - 01:23 AM
Hey Dave, Good advice from Al. You could do him in a lighter colored civilan clothing and maybe even some really fancy clothes. If you watch "Gangs from New York" you can get some really cool ideas as well. Either way I look forward to seeing your version. Just for a heads up, I have an idea for a few other ACW Naval figures and I am really itching to do one that I just thought of and it will be in an action pose. Joe
JUN 20, 2006 - 04:32 AM
Its a reallybeautifulfigure and not only nice sculpted but alsopainted . Ireally like this one , and i think i will give it a try !!!
JUN 20, 2006 - 09:48 AM
I have this figure on my workbench and I have to say that in my experience, this is one of the best sculpted/engineered/cast figures on the market. My copy had virtually no clean up with the exception of some extra resin hidden in the upper deck section. I am currently working on an article for HM (?) on him. Now I just have figure out how to scratch the latern that is in the original plate ( I can see why Joe didn't try to tackle that one) and the best mixture (in acrylics) for a linen (or some other light colored light material) suit.
JUN 20, 2006 - 10:41 PM

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