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Thursday, June 22, 2006 - 05:33 PM UTC
Hot off the presses, we've just received a few pictures of Pegaso Model's June 2006 releases.
Italian Knight, 1440-50
Item Number: 90-039
Scale: 90mm
Sculptor: Andrea Jula

Trumpeteer Major of 2nd Lanciers Guard France, 1811-13
Item Number: 75-028
Scale: 75mm
Sculptor: Maurizio Bruno

Crusader Knight in Holy Land, XIII century
Item Number: 54-225
Scale: 54mm
Sculptor: Gianni La Rocca

German Heer, 1943-45
Item Number: PT-027
Scale: 1/35 (50mm)
Sculptor: Tony Williams

Unterfeldweber with dog, 1942-43
Item Number: PT-028
Scale:1/35 (50mm)
Sculptor: Yoshitaka Hirano

A very special thank you to Luca Marchetti for sending us these pictures!

For more information on these and other products visit Pegaso Models.

Please remember, that when ordering, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on Historicus Forma
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A great WOW for this months releases. Medieval figures look perfect as always and for sure this 90 mm will be another masterpiece of Andrea and will get big interest as the templar sergeant. i noticed the quality of ww 2 figures improve every month. congrats to Pegaso and thanks for info
JUN 22, 2006 - 06:16 PM
Like the Hospitaller, go well next to the Templars in my collection. The headress is out of the usual and the face is great.
JUN 22, 2006 - 07:38 PM
I'm with Dave. I really like that Hospitaller. Too bad I can't paint that small stuff Thanks for the update. Craig
JUN 22, 2006 - 11:38 PM
A definite Wow. Thanks for the heads-up Rudi. I'm with the guys as the Hospitaller with his 'turban' is a nice change from the depiction of crusader knights with their usual headgear.
JUN 23, 2006 - 07:23 AM
Yes Yes Yes !!!!!! I love them !!!!!!! Adorable Crusader , with wild paintjob on the boxart and the 90 mm is .... a real killer .. Same goes for Maurizios 75 ...what to say ..3 more topaint !!! and Soon pretty soon !!!!!!
JUN 23, 2006 - 09:31 AM

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