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Saturday, February 22, 2003 - 06:19 AM UTC
Military Miniatures Warehouse has been selling high quality Civil War and other era figures for some time now. They have taken the figure dealing to another level and has stared to produce their own kits. The first kit in the series is a 3 figure Civil War set called Stonewall Down: Chancellorsville, 1863

I have just released my first figure kit under my own brand name, Military Miniatures Warehouse. Its a 54-mm 3 figure resin kit, entitled "Stonewall Down: Chancellorsville, 1863". It depicts Gen. Stonewall Jackson with 2 members of his staff immediately after he was shot by his own men.

The kit was sculpted by one of the St. Petersburg, Russia artists, and the likeness to Stonewall is excellent. I am actually very proud to be able to offer such high quality! I am working with same Russian artistic team right now for future releases of 54-mm Civil War kits.


John McNenney
Military Miniatures Warehouse
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