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Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - 12:09 AM UTC
Juweela asks an intriguing question. "Is it actually necessary that names UNION and REKORD are readable on H0-gauge briquettes? No. But nevertheless it is cool."

Let's see what else is cool!
Juweela makes several new diorama and accessory items for military and railroad modellers in 1/35, 1/45 (O scale in Europe) and HO - 1/87. These are

    1/35 & 1/45 debris

    1/35 rusty metal scraps (for example industrial)

    1/35 & 1/45 & 1/87 old drums, damaged and rusty

    1/35 brick-wall sections

    1/32 & 1/87 FLEXYWAY flexible street pavers “cobblestone”, available app. in September/October.

    Please tell vendors and retailers that you saw these models here - on KitMaker!
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