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Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 10:08 PM UTC
On the 27th Feb The Wheatcroft Collection will have its own website where the public can for the first time view many of the items in the collection and also see details of onging restoration projects. The launch of the site will be simultaneous with that of the new Military Modeling site, where editor Vinnie Branigan will be featuring the collection in a lead article.
The collection currently consists of 200 plus major items forming a wide variey of subjects, which will be of interest not just to armour fans, but softskin, artillery, cars, motorcyles, trailers etc. It also contains of great numbers of documents as well as large stocks of original equipment from radios to blow torches, spark plugs to Star Antennae.

The collection is being brought into the public domain in a variety of media by The Research Squad, who have been working with the collection for the last 9 months to this end. The Research Squad, consisting of Lee Lloyd, Alasdair Johnson, and Brian Balkwill will co-ordinate specialists on a project-by-project basis whose purpose is to investigate in great detail all aspects of the vehicle collection. Correct research will raise the accuracy of the collection thus the public profile. This will benefit the collection so that its contents can be enjoyed by everyone, Accurate research will encourage the exchange of ideas, spares, projects etc. with other restorers, collectors and interested parties.

For its part The Research Squad will:

1. Maintain the Wheatcroft website with regard to content and updates.

2. Document items in the collection that are of interest both in historical and modelling contexts, for publication in print media.

3. Document in photographic detail current and future restoration projects, both at the collection and overseas, for publication in print media.

4. Aid in the research of items in the collection both from a historical and restoration perspective.

All publications will be full colour, high resolution on high quality stock. The first series will cover the restoration of a Demag Panther A (Late) and the first book in this series details the restored drive train and hulll floor, and includes many items never before photographed.

Future projects include the restoration of two more Panthers and a King Tiger, the second of which is 80% complete (parts), and for which the collection are actively seeking any items available.

The Research Squad would like to thank The Wheatcroft Collection for this opportunity and the access granted to the vehicles.


Wheatcroft Collection

The Research Squad

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Howdy dsotm, Absolutely outstanding news Brian!! I don't doubt the principals involved have worked tirelessly to make this a reality. And it's also interesting to note that it is indeed coinciding with the launch of the new and improved Militarymodeling.com website. I can just imagine our own Vinnies excitement at having this superb collection being unvieled at the same time as the new site. Congrats!! Looking forward to the launch. Tread.
FEB 11, 2007 - 04:45 AM
Looks like an excellent collection, I'm looking forward to seeing it.
FEB 11, 2007 - 06:39 AM
It has been a lot of work , but great fun too. Yes Vinnie is dead chuffed, the article has been planned for some time, its was going to go up here but you'll have to wait a bit now.
FEB 11, 2007 - 11:55 AM
Nice words about this guys Ww are all looking forward to this then It will be nice to see the collection out in the sun AJ
FEB 11, 2007 - 01:51 PM
Great news. Gives a new meaning to "Thanks for sharing" Thank you for the time and effort you are obviously putting into this.
FEB 11, 2007 - 02:04 PM
This is fantastic news Brian! Thanks for sharing such great news. They have something similar down here in NZ where they were restoring old planes but havent yet come across one that restores armour. Looking forward to your launch date!
FEB 11, 2007 - 03:52 PM
To ensure a permament record of this thread, the release has been added to the News Section - along with 10 images. It can be seen: Wheatcroft Collection News Story
FEB 11, 2007 - 10:20 PM
Excellent choice Jim, thanks for giving this Thread an anchor here. Tread.
FEB 12, 2007 - 03:40 AM
Yes, thanks Jim. :-) Vinnie
FEB 12, 2007 - 03:49 AM

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