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Saturday, May 14, 2016 - 08:37 AM GMT+7
Alclad has launched a new product line and Airbrushes.com now distributes them.
Alclad II Metallic Lacquers are highly regarded in the modeling community. Their family of highly polishable, realistic metal finishes are now being joined by three new series.

    Alclad II Mil-Spec Airbrush Enamels A new range of quick-drying enamel colours formulated especially for airbrushing. Mil-Spec colours have been extensively researched to produce the most accurately matched collection of colours available to modellers to date. Alclad's Mil-Spec range can be used with any Alclad Primer and can easily be sealed for decaling and weathering with any varnish including Alclad Aqua Gloss Acrylic and the Alclad Klear Kote range.

There are 23 colors in this initial batch.

    Alclad II Warpigs Hogwash (5 colors) A new recipe for durable modelling washes, based on artists oil paints and thinned using a combination of the highest quality thinners available. Hogwash can be applied with superb capillary action and an extensive working time of up to 36 hours. Hogwash can be stored for a long time without skinning.

    Alclad II Warpigs Weathering Pigments (18 colors) Pure and unadulterated pigments sourced from the finest materials available. With a wide variety of colours, this range will prove an invaluable resource in the quest for modelling realism.

We thank Airbrushes.com for notifying RailRoad Modeling of this exciting development!
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