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Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 12:43 AM UTC
Alclad II has released four new Hogwash weathering washes.
These washes can be used for any subjects.
    ALCHW006 Alclad II Hogwash Night Blue
    ALCHW007 Alclad II Hogwash Deep Rust
    ALCHW008 Alclad II Hogwash Light Rust
    ALCHW009 Alclad II Hogwash Earth

According to Alclad II:
    Alclad Warpigs Hogwash is an innovative recipe for durable modelling washes, based on artists oil paints and thinned using a combination of the highest quality thinners available. Hogwash can be applied with superb capillary action and an extensive working time of up to 36 hours. Hogwash can be stored for a long time without skinning.

Thanks to The Airbrush Company for sending this notice!
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