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Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 01:48 PM UTC
Casemate Publishing has informed us about their new releases for January
These are some of the new books:
The Iran-Iraq War - Volume 2
Iran Strikes Back, June 1982 - December 1986
Volume 2 takes up the account after Iraq withdrew from Khuzestan and is based upon material from both sides: US intelligence data, British Government documents and secret Iraqi files.

War On Two Fronts
An Infantry Commander's War in Iraq and the Pentagon
Major General Christopher P. Hughes
Operation Iraqi Freedom was one of the most confusing conflicts in US history. The high command could not be sure who to fight, who was attacking Coalition troops, or who among the different Iraqi groups were fighting each other. Yet there were a few astute officers like Lt. Col.

The Paras
PortugalíS First Elite Force
John P. Cann
This book tells the paras' story as researched from Portuguese sources. It details how they were formed and trained and how they developed their imaginative, effective, and feared tactics and applied them in operations to protect the population from insurgent predations and destroy a vicious enemy.

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