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Thursday, February 02, 2017 - 01:26 PM UTC
We first advertised the upcoming Seminart with Chris Clayton before christmas to give all of you artisans a chance to jump on board early. Places are being taken up and the class is just over a month away. Chris has been at the peak of our hobby for many years both as a painter and sculptor, he has long been held in the highest regard by other top artist for his work and the calibre of the attendees already signed up is a reflection of the respect and admiration we have for contribution to our hobby. We already have award winners and competition judges signed up to attend.
Anyone serious about improving their skills should not miss this class, the knowledge and meticulous processes that Chris will share over the weekend should be considered an investment for all of us striving to improve.

This is the class we have wanted for years!

Chris has also revealed the exclusive bust attendees will be working on that he sculpted himself and I am really looking forwards to seeing what everyone can do with it.

I wish you all luck in securing a place because the number is limited and once the Seminart is full thats it.

The Bust!

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