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Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 03:38 PM UTC
Take a look at the latest titles from Casemate, with stories from both World Wars and Rhodesia.
The new volumes, published in hardback, are:
  • Blood and bandages, the story of the RAMC - an often forgotten branch of the army - in a unique and moving story from William Earl, a veteran who will shortly celebrate his 102nd birthday.
  • Crime in the Second World War. The Second World War experienced a significant rise in crime on the Home Front. This book lists the famous crimes of the era and finds out why crime increased.
  • Honoring those they led. Exhaustive and accomplished research from leading experts in the field into some of Hitler's most successful commanders and examines the criteria for receiving military awards in the Third Reich.
  • A Taste of Success presents a fresh and important reassessment of the Battle of Arras, an important, yet generally ignored, battle as we approach its centenary.
  • Towards a Wider War examines British grand strategy, military operations and tactical execution in the critical period of the ‘Phoney War' - culminating in the forlorn campaign in Norway.
  • Dirty War documents Rhodesia's top secret use of chemical and biological weapons (CBW) during their long counterinsurgency against native Africans.
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