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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 09:45 PM GMT+7
Meng announces their second airbrush, the MTS-002 Yun Mo 0.2/0.3mm High Precision Airbrush.
The MTS-002 Yun Mo is developed with a completely different design concept from the previous MTS-001 Vermilion Bird.
It is a higher-end airbrush than the previous one. Thanks to the optional parts of different specifications provided, this airbrush has more functions and it can be used for more purposes.

The Yun Mo airbrush body made of brass. Its surface has received special hardening treatment. The combination of 0.2/0.3mm nozzles and specially made high hardness needles makes better atomization effect. Itís suitable for airbrushing details and large areas.

The brand new design of the micro air valve and the needle adjuster makes the precision airbrushing process easier to control. Three kinds of needle caps are provided for different needs of airbrushing.

A 5ml color cup and a 9ml color cup are provided.
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