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Monday, March 27, 2017 - 02:36 AM UTC
Casemate Publishing presents several new books about both the First and Second World War
The new titles are:
  • Confronting Case Blue. The author, Igor' Sdvizhkov, takes a close look at the attempt by the Briansk Front's Operational Group Chibisov to collapse the northern shoulder of the German drive to the Caucasus - north-west of Voronezh - in July 1942.
  • Blood in the Forest. While the eyes of the world were on Hitler's bunker in April 1945, more than half a million men fought six cataclysmic battles along a front line of fields and forests in Western Latvia known as the Courland Pocket.
  • Britain's Quest for Oil. The First World War showed the vital importance of oil. This book chronicles how the British sought to fulfil their oil needs from the rich oil fields of Mosul, and what effect this had on the Middle East.
  • Friends are good on the date of Battle. The aim of this book is to evaluate the 51st Division over the course of the First World War with an analysis of both change and continuity - at home and overseas - and the performance of the division as a fighting unit.
  • Unfailing GallantryThis book argues that 8th Division, a war-raised formation made up of units recalled from overseas, became a much more effective and sophisticated organisation by the end of First World War.
  • La 45ª Division d'infanterie Américaine. The journey of this American division that landed in Provence in August 1944 after a long campaign in Italy, leads us just to the heart of Germany, where this military unit is the first to enter the concentration camps of Dachau (Text in French).
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