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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 - 12:42 PM UTC

Cammett Limited have announced the release of their 1/35th Canvas Railing Covers (Dodgers) set. We understand that these have been primarily designed for use on the Italeri 1/35 Schnellboot S100 however the covers carefully match reference images for S38, 38B 100 and 150 variants and so therefore are quite versatile.

The covers are produced in 4 thousandth brass and are roughly an A4 sized fret and the set has four covers per side.

Check out this early preview images and you will note that the fret is laid out with the port sections P1-P4 at the top and the starboard S1-S4 underneath.

A nifty and extremely handy layout diagram is etched into the fret showing where each section is located on each side.

The close up image shows that the section edges are not straight but slightly scalloped to realistically replicate tension around the fastening eyes. The eyes are real and will take thin copper wire to allow realistic attachment to the rails. All sections also have separate seams to be fastened to the rear of the section. The seams also have etched eyes which need to be matched to the section.

A set of instructions is also included.

Here are the included instructions:

1. Do not cut off more than one piece at a time. The small strips around each sheet are to be placed on the rear face later and must not get mixed up.
2. To get the right effect you need to anneal the brass to make it soft and pliable.
3. Holding the selected piece in a pair of insulated pliers apply to a naked flame , you do not need a high pressure flame, hold the piece into a flame until the brass changes colour and then immerse into cold water.
4. Before doing any forming over the rails glue onto the rear face the small corresponding strips which were located around each sheet, this can be achieved by aligning the holes up and threading a piece of fine wire through the holes at selected places, and tack down the strip with glue. This simulates the folded over seam with eyelets on the rear face.
5. The sheet can then be formed over the railings (best done laid flat onto a board) for that bellowed look, but other methods and effects are possible.

This looks to a very quick and easy way to replicate the canvas railing covers, which will look very realistic when finished.

Again absolutely full credit to Cammetts for the speed in release of what looks to a very exciting product and another great addition to the Italeri kit.

As previously stated we understand that this is just one of several aftermarket releases planned by Cammett’s so watch this space for more releases.

We understand that these are available now and the recommended retail price is £24.95.

Images courtesy of Cammett Limited.
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Oh my... that's nice! Can't wait for the S-38 bridge to appear.
MAR 29, 2009 - 12:01 PM
I have my Italeri box next to me.... I dare not start this kit as I'm sure that many good aftermarket parts like this one will appear in the coming months. Any rumour about s-100 schnellboat PE in 1:35? say yes, give us details, you folks in the know!
MAR 29, 2009 - 12:35 PM

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  • Cammett Canvas Railing Covers
    Cammett Canvas Railing Covers
  • Cammett Canvas Railing Covers
    Cammett Canvas Railing Covers
  • Cammett Canvas Railing Covers
    Cammett Canvas Railing Covers
  • Cammett Canvas Railing Covers
    Cammett Canvas Railing Covers
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