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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 - 01:25 AM UTC
  • navywordoftheday
Alright this can be one of those that is debated, but I am going to let you decide. Since sailors have a reputation for dealing with ladies of less than stellar morals it leads me to believe this is the original meaning.

We all know the story that comes from the US Civil War for the camp followers of General Joe Hooker. It is said that the slang term for prostitute came from these ladies. However there is a nautical tie in as well.

It seems there is a Dutch word for a boat, hoeker. The Dutch used this word in reference to an old and clumsy fishing boat. SO…….It became an affectionate, but disparaging, sailor's term for old prostitutes.

Plus there are writings that date to 1845 and earlier with references to the word. These predate the General by a good many years.

See the Navy just seems to keep popping up.
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