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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 11:17 AM UTC
The Cyber-Hobby.com Orange Box line of 1/35 scale kits has proved a real hit with armour modelers all around the world thanks to their great low prices and value for money.

The latest news in from Cyber-Hobby.com is that they are now extending their “Orange Box “ brand into other scales and model lines and in particular ships and submarines.

In simple terms for the modelshipwright this maybe one of the leading industry developments for 2010!

This is both a natural and exciting development as Dragon Models most recently have started releasing ship kitsets under their Cyber-Hobby.com brand.

The first combination type deal to be announced by Cyber-Hobby.com is their 1/350 U.S.S. Maryland (SSBN-738) + U.S.S. Chicago (SSN-721) (Orange).

We understand that this kitset will feature the following:

  • Newly tooled radar and antenna;
  • Two complete models of Ohio- and Los Angeles-class submarines;
  • A new molding was realized for the USS Chicago in order to reproduce the sonar protrusion, plus new radar mast was created;
  • Each detailed boat comes with its own display stand;
  • Cartograf decals are also available to adorn the finished submarine models, including an impressive Chicago Bull marking for the bow of the USS Chicago.

We understand that the expected release date is July, 2010 and at a price yet to be confirmed.

We will of course update you with more precise detail as it comes to hand.

Images courtesy of Cyber-Hobby.com.

Ships History

The Ohio-class USS Maryland (SSBN-738) was commissioned in 1992 as a ballistic missile submarine. As a Trident D-5 nuclear-missile platform, it performs an important function as a strategic deterrence tool. The USS Maryland belongs to Submarine Squadron 20 (SUBRON 20) and is based in Georgia. On the other hand, the USS Chicago (SSN-721) is a Los Angeles-class submarine. Commissioned in 1986, the nuclear-powered fast attack submarine is based at Pearl Harbor in the Pacific Ocean.

Ships History courtesy of Cyber-Hobby.com.
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Nice looking sub kits. This summer could be very dangerous to my wallet! Thanks for sharing Sean.
JUN 22, 2010 - 03:10 PM
Figures, I just finished DML's Ohio class and paid twenty bucks more for the kit. Now to decide if I wanna grab this release to get the L.A. boat.
JUN 22, 2010 - 04:24 PM

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