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  • matador_demonios_web72
Jose Jarque has kindly informed us about the new items from Draconia
Voting for the April 2008 Seil Models FOTM contest has begun!
  • 1037_full
Drabant Miniatures announced their new releases.
  • 32126
Polish model company M-Model has recently announced the release of a new three figure Napoleonic period vignette.
  • YH1812-1
Young Miniatures have announced their new bust release which will be available on 28th of April.
  • 16020
Ukranian model company MiniArt Models are one of the few model companies producing plastic injection kits in 1/16 scale; to my knowledge MiniArt Models are, at the time of writing, the only company producing 1/16 scale plastic injection kits of historical figures. MiniArt Models have recently announced the forthcoming release of 3 more such kits, including their first Great War kit.
  • Tauro_frontal
Yedharo Models are preparing for a new bust release.
  • b2b_ROM_RM_54-080_1
Romeo Models released two new 54 mm figure and a scenery kit, all available by 24th of April. Their all products are now available also at Pegaso Models' website.
  • pm02
Pegaso Models announced their April releases. Also their web site has been redesigned offering a better and detailed look.
  • DSCF10941
Classicae Artworks have recently announced the release of 3 new pieces as well as a forthcoming release. Included is Roy Hunt's latest sculpt, as well as the first commercial work by the talented New Zealand sculptor: Callum Talbot.
You could be the lucky winner of a mystery figure prize sponsored by Seil Models simply by entering the April 2008 Figure of the Month (FOTM) contest.
The Figure of the Month (FOTM) contest is a monthly online figure modelling contest in which modellers can submit what they have finished that month for judging. That judging is done by other users of the Kitmaker Network who can vote for their favourite figure that month.
  • Wild Bill
It is with great pleasure that we present the winners of Historicus Forma's Seil Models Figure of the Month contest for the month of March 2008.
  • queenelisabeth
Roman Rux has kindly announced us about a new bust release from Ademola 22.
  • 0004_1
Hello Friends,

Here are the new Releases for April 08.

Take care,
Markus & Ulrich
  • Briton1
Grey Army are a new British miniatures company who's goal is to help your grey army (hence the name) grow while hopefully undercutting other manufacturers.
  • StormChild1
Classicae have recently announced their latest releases, including the much awaited 1/18 scale version of Roy Hunt's award winning "Storm Child"!
  • S9-B26-01
Andrea Miniatures have updated their website with their new items. An admired bust is now available.
  • mehur002
La Meridiana Miniatures announced their new figure release.
  • 1129_2_full
Drabant Miniatures announced their new releases.
It is deep regret that we announce the closure of the Korean company many figure modellers saw as the new hope: Seil Models.
  • K015-G
Aitna Models announced their new releases. All at 54 mm scale.
  • YM1810-1
Young Miniatures have announced their new bust release for March.
  • 54-236_1
Pegaso Models announced their March releases. An "Elite Series" 54 mm product, a 75 mm figure, a scenery product a a bust are awaiting for modellers.
  • hm35010_smallest
Helo Miniatures - March releases

This month we offer a US Combat Medic from the ETO, a German Hetzer Crew, and finally for all the sculptors out there, true 1/35th scale mannequins complete with an anatomy chart for proportions.
  • Andrea
Andrea Miniatures are preparing some interesting items for the modellers. The bust looks like to be a promising piece.
  • SR-40
Marco Ganghini of Bestsoldiers kindly informed us about the March release of Soldiers-Italy.
  • elite01
Elite Miniatures announced their new releases for the March.
  • Marchr-news
Fontegris Miniatures announced their new releases for the March.
  • 54-104-02
Ant Miniatures launched new figures. This time all of them are 54 mm.
  • pretorian_roman72_copia
Ares Mythologic announced a new 54 mm praetorian figure kit.
  • WS-14-04
Spanish miniature manufacturer Andrea Miniatures has recently announced their March 2008 new releases. This month, in addition to their latest Warlord Saga and Pin Up series additions, sees Andrea relase not only their latest "Wild West" gunslinger, but a Black Paint set.
  • Draconiano1-72
Draconia Miniatures have recently announced their latest fantasy figures: an interesting looking daemon.
  • Templar_Knight_01
Mr. Jung of Seil Models has kindly informed us about their new releases. Their favorite piece for this month is a mounted templar knight at 75 mm scale. But the other two 54 mm are also interesting pieces.
  • XO-10close
PiliPili Miniatures released a new figure kit.
  • 01237
A new figure manufacturer is available from Hungary, The Body. They will focus on 1:48 and 1:35 scale figures and accessories and in the future will extend their range with historical figures, 1:72 scale figures, and diorama accessories.
  • von_Schleich_front_Randy_2_
The Model Cellar is well known for their range of Great War products, and thus they do not dissappoint fans of their range of WWI "Knights of the Air" with the announcement of a new 54mm (1/32 scale) pilot figure by Mike Good.
  • wrap1
While the names Peach Mountain Miniatures and Agustin J. (Augie) Rodriguez may be unfamiliar to many young or new modellers, to those familiar with Augie will know that his very name is synonymous with historical accuracy and high quality sculpting and casting. And so, it is with great pleasure that we announce Augie's latest release, an accurate bust of the buccanneer known as "l’Olonnais".
  • giullare_01_1389_3
Crècy Models have recently announced the release of a new 54mm medieval figure, something a little more offbeat, a court jester.
  • 1127_full
Drabant Miniatures have two new releases.
  • 54-235_1
Pegaso Model have recently announced their February 2008 releases. This month sees something for almost everyone in terms of scale from Pegaso, as products range from 100mm scale busts and 75mm figures to 54mm and 1/35 scale figures.
  • SR-39xmas
Italian company Soldiers (Italy) has recently announced their latest Roman release, however we also bring you a sneakpeak of a forthcoming late Roman figure based on a plate by Angus McBride.
  • YH1811-6
Young Miniatures announced a new bust and a 90 mm figure release. The items will be available on 15th of February.
  • Allan-Ball-6_1_AA
UK based Bonapartes Military Miniatures have recently announced their latest addition to their range of 90mm Alan Ball range of figures.
  • Windtalker02
AC Models have announced their new bust release, a "Windtalker", US Marine, Pacific, WW2.
  • RM_54-078a
Lorenzo Romeo, the owner of Romeo Models kindly informed us about February releases.
  • 200-05-02
Viktor Antonov has kindly announced us about the new releases of Ant Miniatures.
  • Front-Tom-old_web
Dan Morton & John McNenney have teamed up to form a new figure manufacturer, The Old Contemptibles.
  • 54029
Michael Roberts announced a 2 figure resin vignette depicting 2 Native Americans fighting in the woods at the 1763 Battle of Bushy Run.
  • hfm001
Bill Love's figure company Classicae Artworks have recently announced the imminent release of Roy Hunt's award winning "Storm Child".
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