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In-Box Review
U.S. Navy Diver 1941

by: Craig Whitaker [ MONGO_MEL ]

This is a new release from Andrea Miniatures of a 1/10th scale bust of a U.S. Navy Deep Sea Diver.
It consists of the following:
- Five resin pieces for the body, head, helmet and base
- Twenty five white metal parts for assorted fittings
- Fourteen photo etched brass pieces to make the protective bracing over the top and side view ports
- A small sheet of clear acetate for the glass view ports
- A length of soft wire (solder?) for a hose
- A short length of brass chain

The figure offers the option to construct it with the diving helmet either on or off the bust.
the figure
The sculpting and casting appear to be of first rate quality as usual for Andrea. No obvious short shots or air bubbles in the resin. And the few mold lines and casting plugs should be easy to remove and clean up.

The bell helmet is cast in 2 pieces, front and back with an alignment key on top and alignment points between the joining surfaces. The seam should prove to no problem to putty and sand smooth with only care taken not to sand any flat spots on the curve of the helmet.

The body comes with a square plug on the bottom that fits nicely into the supplied square pedestal base.
Assembly directions consist only of a short list of the obvious tools and putty needed to construct the figure. Also included is a list of recommended Andrea acrylic paints to use and where to use them on the various pieces.

What is lacking is a good set of instructions showing where the various small white metal parts are located. It would also be helpful if instructions for assembling the PE brass for the protective bracing were included.
Box Art, etc
The box art consists of one medium size photo on the top and three small photos on the sides to assist in assembly. Access to the large photos on the Andrea web site will prove very useful to aid in locating all of the small white metal pieces.
This is an exceptional bust of a very interesting subject that offers excellent quality and detail. But it is best recommended for the experienced modeler only.

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This is an exceptional bust of a very interesting subject that offers excellent quality and detail. But it is best recommended for the experienced modeler only.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:10
  Mfg. ID: S9B20
  Suggested Retail: $65.00 USD
  PUBLISHED: Feb 05, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Craig Whitaker (mongo_mel)

I've been building models since I was a kid back in the '60s. I did everything imaginable until the mid '80s when I decided to try and get serious about it. Like most of us, I credit the Shep Paine diorama sheets found in Monogram kits for my inspiration. When I made this decision, it was armor all ...

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