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ANZAC 100 year anniversary Game
Queensland, Australia
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Posted: Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 10:52 AM UTC
We fought the Afternoon counter attack of the Turks on the Australian right

The Game was commemorate 100 years since the Landing on the Gallipoli Peninsular by British and Commonwealth Troops the try to knock the Ottoman Empire out of the war and allow supplies to Get to Russia

THe Figures are from the vast collection of Brad Smith and terrainsupplied by brad and myself

The game was for 8 turns and was played on 6 x8 table
using Brad's scenario and using Rapid Fire rules

The first photos are to set the scene and then I will go thru the turns

The Table overall

The Australians

The Rugged terrain

The Turkish and Arab Troops

An Australian company pushing up the blind gullies towards the Straights

An Australian Senior Commander trying to prepare a defence against a possible counter attack

the "map"

Turn 1

The Turkish and Arab forces push

clearing The Australians off the first ridges the Ottaman army goes onto the attack - no prisoners taken

The Brave men of the 9th Bttn set to hold their ground

Capt Gubb has lost his troops - well that is all that is left of his company as the small arms fire was like heavy hail

Turn 2

The Turks prepare to attack the second line of beaches - the impulses is on the side of the aggressor

The Australian in the centre prepare to sell their lives dearly and after one senior Commander goes down the last
remaining tries the troops to stronger endeavour before he too and many junior officers fall the sniper and heavy fire

the final line

Turn 3 - it looks over for the Brave Australians

a lost company in one of the dead end gullies look for a way to support their mates

"Mustaffa" lookout there is a large one over there glad we are not on that side of the table

Big problem the first Bttn test for the Ottaman troops

The Turkish position is hit by the big guns of the Battleships

The Brave 9th Bttn make their last stand "Queenslander"

turn 4/5

well the result of the Battleship fire - one company decimated and the troops very shaky and go to ground
this the last time the Turks will attack in the afternoon due the massive firepower of the ships offshore

more problems another Bttn reaches moral test, but have found a weakness in the Australian line

the centre rugged terrain is holding up the attach - the gullies are proving just as difficult for the Ottaman army as for the Australians

the pressure is lifted slightly as the Arab forces on the right fail from the Australian counter attack and rout

the Australians hold their fire for the attack developing in the centre - a fresh Arab Bttn

oops - the dice roll you would love for any other games except this game -3 total misses by Turkish artillery
( I was trying to get Brad to roll the casualties on the closest Turkish unit - friendly fire but just looked at me funny)

Khama is a lady - I think the Battleships could not see ANYTHING

Turn 6 - what a game so far - my heart was having kniptions

the Turks have broken thru - only 2 mauled Australian companies between them and victory

Capt Gubb's men find their foe - outnumbered they unexpectedly charge the raging Ottaman attack
all breaths are held on the Australians side fore the roll to come ........

now I have heard of a cliff hanger - but please don't do that again Dave

the last turns 7 and 8
this is it - a knife edge -
Do the Australians have enough firepower and support to stop the final push?

Do the Turks have enough forces to push the Australians aside?

Only the 2 turns will tell

the Fresh Turkish unit is taken down to moral test from accurate small arms and ship gunnery and the other Turkish unit scarpers
a loud cheer can be heard "for Queensland"
BUT they have forgotten the Arab forces in the centre - the are still strong and machine gunfire and sniper fire is felling many of the brave men that have fought so hard

Hill 400 ( Late known as "lone Pine") is within their grasp -

What will happen

Hill 400 falls - they Australians are running out of men but there is still hope, but the Turkish forces feel victory is in their grasp

a Photo found on a captured Box Brownie of a 9th Bttn company standing late into the afternoon - none would ever see home and family again

a lone Arab soldier making his way past the defence of the last Australians

but the gullies are full of their dead and dying - do they have it for one last push to send the foreigners off their shores

Oh no they hear the recoil from the Naval guns ..............

Well that was a very very close game - everything was so balanced that at no time was the battle seemed close to finish for either forces

The Game actually ended as a draw with neither side able to finish the other

the Australians got both Ship batteries contacted but both missed their targets which allow 20 turks to cross the line but last minute small arms reduced them to 19 and they where not able to take the victory

Many Anzac biscuits where devoured and much silliness
but a fantastic day
Kobenhavn, Denmark
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Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2015 - 03:31 PM UTC
Quite a game you had there Ian, quite a game.
For how long did you play?

Thanks for sharing
Queensland, Australia
Joined: April 10, 2005
KitMaker: 2,654 posts
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Posted: Sunday, April 12, 2015 - 04:36 PM UTC
10am to 15.45 and a good half hour for lunch

8 turns
and played at a casual pace
including taking photos every turn